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More Shell Hunting

IMG_4951   IMG_4953

IMG_4954   IMG_4955


IMG_4957   IMG_4961

IMG_4965   IMG_4975


After dinner it was still light enough to go look for more treasure!  The kids found more neat shells that they could glue on their page tomorrow.  They liked using their crocs to wade in the water.  There were shells all over the sand here, so bare feet wouldn’t have been a good option.

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Crab Hunting and then Ice Cream


We took the kids to go look for some shells in the afternoon, and found some other surprises along the way.  Alexis spotted a dead crab!


It was interesting enough seeing the dead one, that Grandma and Grandpa took us to a better spot to look for crabs.  This was a place where hundreds of small crabs would pop in and out of the sand.  This one liked the shade of Alexis’ croc.


They are so small they look like little spiders to me, yuck!  The kids had fun trying to hold them.  They were quick, and even Ben got brave enough to hold one for a minute or two.

IMG_4921   IMG_4922

After that excitement we had mint ice cream at Cedar Key’s little ice cream shop.  I think it’s the only one there.  The kids couldn’t finish their ice cream though. Ben’s tummy was still not feeling the best.  I guess I really shouldn’t have bothered ordering an ice cream for myself.

We came back to the condo for Alexis to draw on the papers she and Ben  were going to use for their craft projects.  They were going to glue their sea shells on them after they had dried from being washed.  Ben just relaxed on the couch and watched, while Alexis drew.

IMG_4930   IMG_4931

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Enjoying the Park at the Beach

IMG_4773   IMG_4777

Ben did however enjoy the park next to the beach, but even the mulch was starting to drive him crazy!  He kept getting some in his crocs!  He is so dramatic about it, but he just totally hates the mulch and sand.  I guess it’s good we thought twice about putting mulch under our swing set.  I still kind of want to put mulch under it though, because the grass is wearing, and it would make mowing faster and easier.  I just wonder if it’s worth it.


It was nice to be outside and at least feeling a little better. 


IMG_4787   IMG_4869

Here is Ben again trying to empty his crocs.  This was like every 5 minutes or so, probably every time he landed in the mulch after coming down the slide or rope or something of that sort.

IMG_4786   IMG_4798  

IMG_4850   IMG_4851

I think their favorite was the tire swing!



I decided to try flash on this last picture here outdoors in the bright sun, and I was pleasantly surprised by the result.  I am usually anti-flash because the light is usually so harsh, but it was already pretty harsh light, being mid-day.  It really helped the sky to show up belter and the details in the shadows on Alexis, since the sun was behind her.


I liked it I decided to use the flash a few more times, because from underneath they were turning to dark, and the flash gave me just the fill I was looking for.  It was very fun to experiment with!  The kids had fun coming up the ladder several times and posing for me!


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Chasing the Skimmers

Well, after a few days of Ben being sick after our first day out and playing we finally got back outside to enjoy our vacation.  I don’t just mean being a little sick either.  He caught some awful stomach bug!  He was up the whole night not keeping anything down and then he and I just slept the next day.

Anyways, this morning started out fun with Alexis chasing the skimmers.  You might think they are seagulls, but they are a little smaller and black on the top with bright orange beaks.  After the first day here in the sand, Ben wanted nothing else to do with it.  He hated the feel of it in his sandals and shoes.  He loves chasing the birds, but don’t make him go in the sand.  This sand also had bits of wood and seaweed and other little stuff washed up in it, which made the texture not as soft.


Alexis was going to have fun chasing them off though.  You can see them lined up in a little row behind her in this picture above.



IMG_4765   IMG_4766

IMG_4767   IMG_4768

She was able to get them going a couple of times. Yeah, hold on to your hat!  That would be a good idea with that many birds around!


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