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Rain Gear in the Sun

IMG_5148   IMG_5154

I have been walking the dogs more often, since we got Sasha.  It keeps her more manageable and less restless.  Lincoln has been enjoying it too though, so maybe it was good we got a puppy.  The kids, however are harder to convince to go on walk with me and the dogs.  A lot of times we have gone, since we try to go almost everyday at least once, it has been cold!  You can see it’s still chilly enough today that we still wanted our gloves.

IMG_5157   IMG_5159

Anyhow, these are the rain gear sets for the kids I got that came in towards the beginning of the week.  It wasn’t raining, but they wanted to bring their umbrellas anyhow. It was definitely a good idea to bring he boots!  There were plenty of puddles for them to trek though.  Alexis loved her fairy rain gear and Ben’s blue monster seemed to fit his personality just fine.

IMG_5161   IMG_5165

I love the monster teeth and tongue hanging out on these boots!





The dogs were enjoying the puddles as well.  They were pretty muddy afterwards.


As you can see Sasha has grown!  She also always seems to have something in her mouth, reason for the wrinkled expression on her mouth. She has like some piece of dead grass tuft.  She tries to eat or chew on anything the moves or blows in the wind.  You can see Sasha’s underside on the bottom right picture.  I usually have to hose their bellies down and towel them off before I let them in the house.

IMG_5184   IMG_5201

IMG_5186   IMG_5196


I guess the kids managed to have fun, despite the weather still being a bit chilly, and we got the dogs walked.  It takes longer with the kids every time, and when the weather is bad, it’s usually not enjoyable,so they hate it, but if it’s fairly nice, it’s a good time for them.

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New Rain Gear


I ordered the kids some new rain gear, this year for fun.  It came in the mail yesterday evening, and wouldn’t you know it was raining today.  They just had to try it on out in the rain.  It’s still a cold rain though, so they didn’t want to be out for very long.  This is why I didn’t get a picture of Ben and only Alexis.  I didn’t get my camera fast enough before Ben was too cold.  This is just right on our back porch with me standing inside our house.  I wasn’t about to go outside either, or try to take pictures while sheltering my camera from the rain.

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Homosassa Springs

IMG_5072   _MG_2730

Well, after Alexis was feeling a bit better, we made it to the Manatee wildlife park.  Unfortunately they weren’t out and about as much as they were the last time we saw them.  In fact we hardly saw them at all this time.

It was fun however to compare and look at our previous pictures from 3 years ago!  Just look at cute baby Ben and our little, little Alexis…awww!

IMG_5074   _MG_2728

IMG_5077   IMG_5078

The kids did enjoy the reptiles at least and the many, many birds that are in this wildlife park!

IMG_5085   IMG_5098



Just look at us back then!  Haha!




IMG_5112   IMG_5121


We had a good time despite Alexis not feeling the best, but I tell you what… I caught that very same thing this night that we came home from this park!  I can tell you it was the worst thing in the world, about as bad as the time I had food poisoning earlier this year!  We still had some good memories despite our awful setbacks though, and we are still maybe considering trying it again sometime, maybe not next year, but sometime?


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More Cedar Key Fun!


This morning we kind of lounged about before getting out.  The kids were happy and content to work on some new puzzles Grandma got for the kids to play with at the condo.  They just loved them!  They sat for an hour or so and did each and every one of them a couple times I think.


They had to break them apart at first since they were brand new.  Alexis directed the assembly while Ben found the parts to give to her.  It was a good way for him to learn these more complicated puzzles. 

IMG_5028   IMG_5029


We then left for a walk out with Grandma and Grandpa and happened on this little jungle gym.  The kids thought it was a fun challenge to climb these jungle gyms.



Ben was proud to announce that he had reached the top!

IMG_5043   IMG_5045



Grandpa found another crab for the kids to play and poke around with.

IMG_5058   IMG_5061

Ben still seems a little worn out from being sick, so we came back to rest before dinner.


Unfortunately, this is the night when Alexis caught what Ben had and became really ill for the next few days!  Right at about dinner time too, same as Benjamin.

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