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Sunday Evening Painting


I drew some fun pictures on a poster board for my kids to paint this afternoon.  They both asked for jungle type pictures.  Alexis wanted some monkeys in a jungle of trees and Ben wanted some elephants.  Ben was basically done painting by the time I got out my camera, flash, and umbrella set.  I wanted another try at lighting with my new Speedlight.  Alexis was determined to paint until the picture was completely finished, but Ben doesn’t have that kind of patience yet.

IMG_5535-Edit   IMG_5544-Edit

IMG_5550-Edit   IMG_5553-Edit


I love these few here with her expression while she paints.  She really enjoys this activity and is happy and content the rest of the day anytime I let her paint.

IMG_5568-Edit   IMG_5569-Edit

My kids paint in shirts they get from sporting classes they take from time to time and don’t usually wear pants.  This way I won’t worry about their clothes or photographing them naked.  I didn’t mind when they were younger.  Alexis would usually be in just a diaper and covered from head to tos in paint, mainly because she saw more fun in painting herself than the paper.


Alexis added the bananas all on her own without me drawing them in for her.  The sky is a reddish pink because she is painting the jungle at sunset and adding her own setting sun in as well.



Sasha was here watching and this is the famous beagle head tilt. Sometimes if you make a new and interesting sound they will usually tilt their heads at you as if they are trying to figure out the new sound they hear.

I thought I would get a couple practice shots of her with the flash as well.  This was the one I liked best out of all of them.  I did apply a texture to it for fun.

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Tub Swimming!


While Steven decided to take a nap on the couch with Sasha, I decided it was time to try out my new flash and umbrella.  I needed some practice anyhow, before I take the pictures of the Suzuki kids on Monday.  I thought the kids in their swimsuits in our big Jacuzzi tub would be fun to try and light.  The kids were excited to pretend that the big tub was a small swim pool!


So I have the flash and the umbrella sitting pretty close the tub.  I expose for the ambient and then try adjusting after I figure out the flash with it.

IMG_5417   IMG_5420   IMG_5422

IMG_5423   IMG_5428

Alexis thought it would be neat to go under water and come back up with the water dripping off her.  It was hard for me to get the parts of the picture in focus that I wanted in focus.  She was happy to do this for me several times though.  She has been so proud of being able to go under water since the end of last summer.

IMG_5431   IMG_5436

This is as much as Ben would do for me.  He still doesn’t like putting his face in the water.

IMG_5439   IMG_5441


Ben asked for some more water!




IMG_5480   IMG_5488

Alexis was pretending she was rescuing Ben from drowning.  I am not sure I like the games they play, but I am glad she rescued him…

IMG_5491   IMG_5492

The kids love their goggles and had a great afternoon swimming in tub, while I got to practice and try a few different things with my flash.  I tried repositioning it, changing the aperture, shutter speed, and distance it was from the kids.  It was fun to see the different effects it had on my lighting.

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Our Annual Easter Tree

IMG_5234   IMG_5240

This tradition comes from my mom.  I don’t think she did it every time, but she started doing it on our little tree/bush out front of the house they live in now when we were older.  My mom was always anxious for spring!  I always enjoyed the Easter tree she decorated, also because it would flower right about the same time she hung them up.

IMG_5237   IMG_5239

This is our new tree we got last year.  I liked the shape of it better than the other tree we have in the front yard that is about to die, so this one got decorated this year.  The kids are starting to look forward to this tradition now too.  The only thing is that it makes it hard for them to wait for the actual Easter egg hunt.



This is fun and pretty, but what they are really thinking is “When do we get to look for colored eggs?!”

IMG_5251   IMG_5252

IMG_5258   IMG_5268

I try to balance it out a bit and adjust some of the colors and separate them out a bit.  Yes, Steven says I should just let it be cause the kids helped, but it’s hard for me.  After a couple minutes and a few adjustments  I decide it’s good enough and yeah it’s fine cause the kids did help.


There you have it our Easter Tree!  I think I enjoy it more than the Christmas Tree, perhaps because to me it means the end of winter!


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Alexis Loses Her First Tooth!


I was shocked to say the least.  I thought it wouldn’t be till she was at least 6 or in kindergarten even.  I also thought it would take longer because she didn’t get any teeth till age 1 and even then it was only one tooth.  I did check to see if it was the same tooth that she had first gotten when she was a baby.  Apparently her first tooth was on the top left.  So, no it wasn’t the same one at all.


Her fingers have been all marker stained lately, from her constant coloring in her color books and sketchbooks.


She was excited to say that she could now do all the neat tricks that Sydney showed her with a missing tooth.


She is also very much looking forward to the tooth fairy.


Sasha came over and seemed to be curious as to what was going on over by the window with all the picture taking.

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Very Muddy

Today’s walk was much nicer! The weather was at least warm and we didn’t have to wear our coats and mittens. It’s funny how it can change so fast in the Spring from cold to warm and then back again. It drives me crazy to tell you the truth though. I didn’t bring my camera along on the walk, but still wanted to capture the aftermath of our walk today.

IMG_5206-Edit   IMG_5209-Edit

Ben obviously ended up falling in the mud puddle and getting his backside caked with mud.  He had a hard time walking home.  He simply hates being wet or in something slightly uncomfortable, and this was more than slightly!  He even has a fleck of mud on his face in this picture.  They did however love seeing how muddy they could get their boots today.


I am surprised how clean Alexis stayed in her nice outfit.  It’s usually the first thing to get dirty.



These are my 100 year old barn doors I got from a friend’s dad that was redoing his barn.  I thought they would be great for the occasional portraits.  Heavier than the printed backdrop though, so finding a place for them might be a little trickier.  I love how rustic they are and think they will be fun to use, so I will try and see, even if I end up lining one of my basement walls with the wood from one.

jen bradford - Great pictures!! That first one crack me up! I also like the finish you put on the photos. Very fun!

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