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Daddy’s Toys

This evening, Steven got out his World of Warcraft figurines. He cleaned out the display case or cabinet or whatever you call it in the back of our what we call the “big room.” We decided that he could have his own little corner of the house to decorate. Thank goodness it’s only one corner…well actually it’s fine, cause I play the game too. ha

Anyways, Alexis was watching Steven get his figurines out and was saying. “Oh, look Mommy, Daddy’s toys have cute little swords.” Then she said, “I like Daddy’s little mean guys. He is so cute with them.”

Alexis is quite the crack up these days with her funny sayings and smart allec remarks. This was just one of the few that was memorable. She is really too smart for her age.


Susie - That’s so funny! I’m glad Steve’s enjoying his “toys”.

Kyle and Jen - Kids say the darndest things! She is a little brilliant whippersnapper!

Grandma D - Thanks for inviting me:-) I finally figured out what my password was! Love the blogs you all are doing!!!! Love the cute pictures of the kids!!

Thanks so much for sending them

Love, Mom Deam

Liam's Mom - Liam calls the guys with swords bad guys. Kids are so funny!

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First Canvas!


Alexis was painting her first canvas the other day and was about the paint. I said “We don’t eat paint, it’s not good.” She said, “We don’t eat paint because it has calories in it.” Apparently she has picked up on that Steve and I try not to eat things with too many calories in them, since we are trying to get back in shape. Funny girl!

Alexis now has her first little chore around the house. She gets to unload the silverware out of the dishwasher whenever I unload it. She doesn’t need much help figuring out where things go. I am so proud of her.

One day I was driving the kids to church and we saw a dead dear on the side of the road. Being the wonderful mother that I am I said, “Bambi jumped out on the road in front of a car and got hit and died.” So later at dinner with my parents it comes out unexpectedly when Kristina asks her about the moonwalk, which she calls a big jumper. “I was jumping the in the big jumper, and Bambi jumped out in the road and got hit by a car.” Guess, I should watch what I say, still really, really funny!


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My Big Helper

Lately, Alexis has been my big helper with Benjamin. I ask her to play with Ben while I am cooking dinner, or throw a diaper away, get him a tissue and she complies without complaint. It is such a joy to have her helping with Ben instead of always making him cry. We have taught her if Ben has a toy she wants, then to find a toy Ben might like to trade with her. That has helped cut down on the screaming too.

Alexis is in preschool this year. She goes two times a week for two and half hours a day. She comes home at lunch singing songs she learned or saying parts of the pledge of allegiance at lunch. She talks about friends she plays with and occasionally tells me what she does. Ever since she has been going, she has become more brave and outgoing in social situations and physical activities. She goes in the jungle gyms now and down the tunnel slides. She tries to start conversations with people wherever she goes. She is still so very smart and will talk your ear off.

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