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Back to the Zoo!


The zoo is open again! We are back for the first time this year!  The kids were trying on the masks at the opening for fun.

IMG_6016   IMG_6017

We started with seeing the farm section where the kids can have a chance to pet the animals.

IMG_6020   IMG_6021

IMG_6025   IMG_6029


This sink is just the right level to kind of spray the kids in the face.  They get a little of the splatter off from it and that is the reason Ben is making the face.


We like to pass by the tortoises and sit on the bronzed one for a classic zoo picture.


The sea lions weren’t swimming today.  I guess it wasn’t hot enough.


A favorite thing for the kids this year is the pony rides.  Ben used to be so scared of these ponies when he was younger.



Daddy joined us at the zoo after he got off work for his favorite, the African exhibit!  Our favorite is still seeing the lions. I think almost every time we go we see them active and playing around and more often then not we get to hear Bill the lion roaring!

IMG_6078   IMG_6082

IMG_6088   IMG_6102

The African exhibit ends with a drum area.  I think it’s a favorite for most kids.  I am not sure I know a kid who could resist banging on a drum.

IMG_6093   IMG_6094


I am never in our pictures, so I let Steven take a few se we can remember I was there too.

IMG_6114   IMG_6126


Last and final thing is a drink from the lion water fountain.  The water fountain is always fun to drink from and the lion shape makes it even more fun!


We love going to the zoo as a family!  It is one of our favorite family activities!

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Sympathetic Dog or Couch Dog?


Alexis ended up having a pretty bad ear infection Sunday.  She was in a lot of pain so I took her to ReadiMed, while Steven and Ben went to church.  We got home and she was just exhausted.  I gave her the antibiotics and ear drops and then she fell asleep on the couch.  I normally don’t let Sasha on the couch, but she thought she could sneak up there and cuddle with Alexis.  She also thought it was ok, since she was mostly on Alexis.  Alexis loves cuddling with her, so I let it happen for today.


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Annual Deam Easter Hunt

IMG_5887   IMG_5889

Heh! The golf cart died already, before the kids could even get a full ride today.



The kids were having fun playing with their pin wheels they found along Grandpa & Grandma’s driveway.  I thought it was really cute to see them all hold them up together.  Rachel saw everyone, and thought she should join in.  Alexis and Ben always seem like they want and need to help Rachel out.  I find it very cute!

IMG_5909   IMG_5912

IMG_5915   IMG_5916



Ben, Alexis, and Addie tried to all squeeze on the one tricycle  Addie quickly decided she didn’t like that arrangement and so Ben was left alone to ride.



Here are the adults hiding the Easter eggs.  There is always some discussion on how hard some of them should be to find.


This garden gnome was a new surprise to find this year.  It was hidden with a $20 bill inside.  Elizabeth was the lucky one on finding him this year.



I love the sprinting back and forth across the yard!


IMG_5954   IMG_5960

After Alexis and Ben have all their eggs that they are allotted, then they are eager to help Addie find the rest of hers.

IMG_5964   IMG_5966



It was great weather and a great day to be outside.  I think we get really lucky and most annual Deam Easter hunts are done outside in the sunshine.


Time to count up the dollars and cents!  I think Alexis and Ben were a little more excited about it this time.  Before they seemed more excited when Grandma would put candy in some of them and would prefer those eggs over the ones with money in them.  They have quickly learned that they can use there money to purchase things from the store if they choose.

IMG_5979   IMG_5980

IMG_5990   IMG_5991

Overall, the best thing about the Easter hunt that the kids love is being able to play with their cousins all day!

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Lost Teeth


Today Alexis got her tooth knocked out and Sasha ended up losing one of hers to tug of war.  Guess it’s kind of funny that they are both going through the tooth losing stage, except that Sasha will lose all of hers as she gets her adult teeth.


I guess this one was loose already, but wasn’t quite ready to come out easily.  Some rough play in the basement easily cured that.Alexis thought her and Sasha should have a picture together since they both lost another tooth.  I was okay with losing the first one, but another already?!  This is way too soon for me!



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