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Recording with Daddy

Steven got some new recording equipment lately…    a new microphone, headphones, and some software.  He thought Alexis might have fun recording her songs that she can play on the violin.

She absolutely loved recording songs.  She especially loved being able to sing a song for Daddy to record!

She looks so confident and natural at this. I hope she continues to love music!

Ben is listening to Alexis’ recordings.

I am so glad Steven includes the kids in his hobbies.  It is so neat and fun!  I am also happy that we have the memory of Alexis playing her violin at such a young age and singing a song.

Jen - Wow….nice set-up! Can’t wait to see it when we come :)

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Decorating Mini Cakes

This activity started out good.  I had baked each kid a little mini set of cakes to stack and frost just like I learned in class.  I keep forgetting they are just kids, so maybe stacking and frosting was a bit much to expect of them?  Anyways, they were very, very excited to decorate their own cake just like mommy!


Ben was doing just fine, but Alexis was getting frustrated that her frosting didn’t seem to be spreading as easily as it seemed like it was supposed to.  She kept getting crumbs in her frosting.  She was very distraught, meanwhile Ben just kept frosting his cake.


I helped them put on the second cake.  Alexis wasn’t sure that she could continue.  I had to convince her to keep trying and that this was her first cake, and it takes some practice to get the icing to go on smooth, and sometimes a little water in the icing might help as well.

IMG_0170   IMG_0173

That seemed to do the trick and the frosting spread a little better for them.  It was still a lot harder than it looked.


I helped Alexis smooth out her frosting a bit, but there wasn’t much I could do about all the crumbs showing.  I didn’t have enough frosting for a second coat.  Usually you have a crumb coat and a second coat to cover any crumbs showing, but this coat was already quite a bit too.  I never knew their was a crumb coat till I took my first cake decorating class.


Next came the fun part!  This is what the kids really enjoyed about cake decorating.  I can’t say that I blame them.  I think the piping the frosting on is the most fun!  Trying to get the base layer smooth and even is so hard!  We ended up with globs of frosting on the top, but it was fun and Alexis finally relaxed about how her cake looked and just had fun.

IMG_0214   IMG_0215

These were the finished cakes!  They are excited to eat them tomorrow!

IMG_0220   IMG_0221


What a fun day with mommy! 

(I know these aren’t my best pictures… I am not sure I care for the quality of my new little point and shoot.  I am so used to my SLR.)

This is the cake I made below with them for a lady we were going to visit teach this afternoon.  It was her birthday, so I figured I would make one at the same time.


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Neighborhood Water Party


So the kids were outside, and they saw their friend Haven come home from day care, so of course we had to invite her over to play!  We filled up a third tub for her and that was then when the water canons came out!  Guess I am not going to get my car cleaned much.  This was too good not to get pictures of!  HAHA!


Alexis is about to get Haven and then Ben nails her in the head.


Alexis gets him right back though!


IMG_6311   IMG_6313

IMG_6321   IMG_6323

IMG_6327   IMG_6325   IMG_6338

Ben avoids the stream of water from Alexis, but not Haven.

IMG_6353   IMG_6360

I got the sprinkler out as well. I figured I might as well.  Most of the time the kids try to drink water from the sprinkler.  It’s funny as they try to drink and avoid getting sprayed in the face.



Ben then decided he needed his goggles for protection, even if he didn’t put them on his eyes…. just in case though.


They went back and forth between the tubs and the sprinkler several times.


IMG_6375_thumb[1] IMG_6377_thumb[1]

Then another friend came over as well and her older brother.  Pretty soon we had our regular neighborhood group.



The kids had an all out water fight.  It was all of them against the older brother, Spencer.  He was a good sport and the kids just love whenever he joins in their games.  His shirt got pretty wet from it.




I love this face on Remi as she is trying to drink from the sprinkler.  I think it’s so funny!


Haven and Ben were chasing after Spencer with their water canons.

IMG_6414_thumb[1] IMG_6416_thumb[1]

Ben thought he could get Sasha to join in the fun of the sprinkle. She was not going to have any part of that.




At the end all 4 of them ended up in the one tub.  I am not sure how they all fit in there!

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Water Tubs on Hot Day


Well, I wanted to clean the inside of my car, so I needed to find something for the kids to do on this hot day that would keep them close.  It was the first real hot day of spring.  Before this it had been pretty cool weather.

I was spraying out off the car mats, when I saw Ben filling one of the tubs that held their outdoor toys, so I told the kids to get their swim suits.  We had all these leftover tubs from moving.  They each were able to have their own little mini tub to sit in.  It was like their own outdoor bathtub.



They had a great time enjoying themselves and I got some great pictures in between getting my car mats cleaned.



Sasha got sprayed a few times by the kids, till I told them to back off.  She insisted on laying on the car seats that were set out.  She is quite the little baby!



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Roly Poly Bug


Ben has been into catching bugs lately.  One of his favorite is the the pill bug, sow bug, or our favorite name for it, the roly poly.  Looks like it has several names.  He likes to catch them and put them in a shoe box for the day and feed it grass and leaves.  It was to be his pet for the day.  He usually asks if he can keep it and bring it in the house.  I told him that I am sorry, but I don’t allow bugs in the house intentionally.

IMG_6235   IMG_6236


He’s definitely a boy and has no fear of these creepy crawly bugs.  These ones don’t gross me out as much as crickets or something.

IMG_6244  IMG_6247


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