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Tangled Party Invitations

Alexis wants to have a Rapunzel birthday party this year inspired by the Disney movie, Tangled.  I thought I would draw these little towers and have braided hair look like it was coming out of the tower.  I saw the idea of the braided hair on a tall invitation like this that someone else had down with a bow at the bottom of the hair.  However, it was to plain for Alexis and I.  I sketched and colored the tower in Photoshop, then cut out all the shapes and had Alexis help in doing some of the gluing.  Alexis drew all the little Rapunzels on the front of the envelopes for her invitations!

Also our Rapunzel hair has to be red, just like Alexis’ hair!  Can you tell she is so excited for this!!!

Jen - super cute

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Ben and His Cello


Ben got his cello this fall and is starting cello lessons! He has been waiting for about over a year to get it! he was so excited!  He ran up to me the day it came in shouting at the top of his lungs, “My cello is here!  My cello is here, Mom!  He kept telling us he was ready, but I didn’t feel he had the attention span or focus, and some days I still wonder if I am starting to early.  There are little jumps of improvement now and then, which rekindles my excitement about teaching him.

He saw Alexis’ first violin concert and their was a cello choir and they happened to be all boys at the time, so I gather he figured that was the instrument for boys. He hasn’t changed his mind since and we have asked him every now and then.

I didn’t get these the day it came in, so he has had it for about a few weeks or so.  It has a soft case with straps on it so you can carry it around like a backpack on your back.  He carries it like that up and down the stairs and shows it off to whomever comes by and would love to see it.  He is very, very proud of it.

Lessons have been fun so far in that he thinks he already knows how to play the cello and doesn’t understand why he needs a teacher, which is what he tells me.  He says, “I already know how to play it, Mom!” in a very condescending tone.  I have told him that the teacher can show him how to play even better.  He has been good at listening to him and doing more for this teacher than he will for me at practice, so that’s good.

I recently showed him the cello player with Jon Schmidt in the “Love Story” meets “Viva la Vida,” and he just loved it, started closing his eyes like on the video and trying to imitate his playing style.  (this is the video)

Hooray for cello players!

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Alexis 1st Day of Kindergarten!

Alexis was up and ready to go at 7am this morning, dressed and ready with her backpack on her back.  When she came downstairs this way to wake us up, the thought occurred to me that maybe I should have put her in morning kindergarten.  I let her pick out a few outfits all on her own to wear to school.  This is the one she wanted to wear on the first day,  I absolutely loved it, and I think she has good taste, well most of the time.

I guess I did her hair in kind of a unique way with the braids, but she also wanted it curled, so she definitely got styled and fancy for her first day!

I just love this little girl and can’t believe that she is going to kindergarten this year.  I hate to see her go!

Our next door neighbor, Haven is in Alexis’ class this fall.  They are excited to be able to walk to school together this fall!  So being the good friends they are, we definitely had to get some cute photos of them together excited for their first day.

This is their school Eel River Elementary School!

Steven and I spent the whole first day with her and had a friend watch Ben, so we could make it a special day just for her.

We took a tour around the room and found things on our scavenger hunt for the classroom. We helped Alexis play some of the letter games and write down what she wanted to learn in Kindergarten this year.  She said she wanted to learn how to read and about caterpillars.  She is close to reading already and pretty much already knows about caterpillars from the books she has at home, so perhaps she doesn’t care to learn anything new?  I am sure she will learn so new things, but we took her word for what she wanted and helped her write it down.

In the evening we went out for bowling with Haven and her family at crazy pins.  I think it was an exciting first day!

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Pioneer Day


I told Alexis it was Pioneer Day, so she wanted to wear the bonnet she got from Shipshewana to church today.  I thought it was very fitting!  So we got some snapshots before we left for church, because she was looking so cute!  I thought the pattern on her dress worked well as does the style, not quite pioneer, but closest for what she had in her closet.

IMG_7331   IMG_7331-Edit

Then I tried some fun antique looking processing.  The above worked best for this serious shot.  I then used some texturing on the others to make them look like old photos.  I had a lot of fun processing these!

IMG_7330-Edit-2   IMG_7330-Edit



Ben got in the pictures for the last few, and with this suit of his he kind of looked like one of those business men from back then or something.




The expressions on this last picture are my favorite!

They wanted me to record a little dance they did together as well.  I made it look olden as well, which was fun.

Gina - Loving this post! So cute with the video too! They just adore each other.

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