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Alexis First Violin Recital


Today was Alexis’ very first violin recital, where she plays a piece that she has polished all by herself!  We were all so excited to hear here.  The kids all sat on the bench in the order they were to play in.  Alexis was towards the beginning.  She didn’t seem nervous at all.  I love how brave she is in everything she does.  I decided I wanted to accompany her on the piano for her recital, since we had been practicing it together the whole time.  I think I was definitely more nervous that she was, even though it was a simple and easy piece to play.


Her teacher and her agreed upon Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.  She knows about 9 songs right now, but that one was the closest to being the best at the time they were choosing songs.  She says she just loves that song!  She really gets into it!  She sways a bit with the music as she plays this sweet lullaby.  I was coaching Steven on how to record this with my camera, but when Ben decided he needed to use the restroom just as the recital was about to begin.  My mom was sitting next to me, so I tried to show her how to use it… I think it would have been better to give her my camera phone to record it, but I didn’t think of that at the time.  No offense to my mom, I love her, but it …uh yeah…

Alexis with Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star


Anyways, Steven made it back in time to sneak into the back and listen before moving up front again with us.  We then listened to the rest of the amazing and talented students performing.  Looking back at a family talent show where Alexis played this, we could definitely see the improvement of how she held the violin up better, how all the notes sounded out beautifully, and how she was much more confident.  We were very proud of her hard work on this.


As you can tell we had a real close seat.  She would always look back and smile at us and we would smile and wink back.


Ben was getting ready to go home, by about the middle of it.

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Sunday Afternoon Critters


We are so used to going to the grandparents every Sunday afternoon, and the kids were getting restless.  So now that the naps are gone, we needed a good activity for this Sunday afternoon.  Alexis and I had made these pom pom critters before.  I had got her a book with a kit on how to make several different kinds of animals and aliens.


The kids were excited to get started, so much that Ben had trouble staying off the table.


I made a few with the kids, but then I had to get Steven down here to help, so I could get few cute photos.  He was upstairs preparing his Sunday lesson.


Ben wasn’t real crazy about getting glue on his hands, so he was real careful and tried as hard as he could to not touch it.  It was really hard to keep the glue off his hands when applying the goggle eyes.  Some weren’t staying together well, so I broke out the hot glue gun after awhile.



This is Alexis’ little mouse she made!


Some of Alexis’ critters.


Alexis’ and Ben’s mice together.  They are so fun and different in style.

IMG_4060    IMG_4054

Then above a whole layout of all the animals, aliens, and snowmen that they made.  They really enjoyed it and it was nicer than putting in a movie for a change.

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Funny Ben


Alexis got these glasses in her doctor kit for Christmas, but Ben has been wearing them around just about everyday for the past week or so.  He just loves them for some reason.  Maybe he feels smart in them or something?  I just thought it looked like a fun picture of him laying on the sofa playing a game on the phone, just like his dad, but these goofy glasses.



Then Ben found the camera on my phone!

IMG_4029    IMG_4031

He thought he was being so funny getting pictures of me taking pictures of him.  It actually did help to say, “Ben, don’t you take a picture of me!”  He would do it and I would say, “Ben!”  He would just laugh and I would get the cutest smile.  So, if you want Ben to smile, just tell him not to or not to do something.

IMG_4034    IMG_4036

This is one of his photos from my phone, not too bad? His little chubby feet in it are cute.


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Super Heroes on Motorcycles


The kids got some fun costumes for Christmas this year and among those were a few super hero outfits.  They just love to dress up!  They also got these bikes from Grandma and Grandpa Deam, which teach them how to ride a two wheeler.  Anyways, to them these little bikes are their motorcycles!  They were pretty good about coordinating their hero costume with their bike.



Alexis kept her pajamas on underneath to give her costume some pink.  She is our little batgirl.  She keeps wondering why they don’t make as many batgirl movies or have batgirl toys.  She likes to be into superheroes with Ben and watch Batman cartoons with him sometimes, but she still wishes there were more girl superhero cartoons.


She said the poodle was her super bat dog sidekick.



Alexis was good for a few posed shots, Ben was out of that costume and onto the next before I could get any more of him.

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Just Coloring Today


Ben has just been wearing these glasses from Alexis’ doctor kit that she got for Christmas as of late.


Today they made some shapes tracing with my old scrapbooking photo templates and had fun coloring them in.


These markers are fun because they color one color and then when you use the other side they turn that color that you already used a different color, so hence you can make all kinds of patterns in the splotch that you already colored.


Ben decided he was going to hide from my picture taking.

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