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Playing Dogs and Kids

So far Sasha has been a good little companion for Lincoln.  I haven’t seen him play with any dog in a real long time.  He usually just doesn’t want to be bothered.  While Lincoln still would prefer to be left alone, Sasha persuades him otherwise, through biting his tail, ears, lips. or hind legs, in order to aggravate him into playing.  It’s a lot of work for her at this age though just to combat against his massive head. 

IMG_4512   IMG_4521

Lincoln is definitely a good babysitter.  I have also decided I like having two dogs, since I cannot constantly entertain the puppy.  Sasha always seems to need to be doing something, so Lincoln has been a great distraction for her.  His calm energy helps keep her from getting to out of hand as well.

Lincoln lazily playing with Sasha


The kids however, have been enjoying these blocks!  They are pretty much the only thing they play with lately, especially Benjamin.  They are called Trio blocks and they snap together nice, so your creations don’t fall apart.  Steven likes to keep buying a new set every once in awhile to add to the collection.  They are basically the only toy we have in the loft.  So, it’s our upstairs toy, which is good for when I need to work on the computer during the day at times.  They have just been so creative.  Here they are showing how they built their own computers keyboards and screens complete with mice.  Guess, they love to imitate me and Steven.


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Playing with Sasha


Sasha is definitely a lap puppy, and then after a little while of holding her. I then slide her off onto the couch to get something done.  She kind of insists that you hold her for her to fall asleep, otherwise she just follows you around until you do.  I love the way she seems to blend in with our couch.  Tan wall with a tan couch with a tan dog, doesn’t make for a very interesting color photo. I thought the textures made it more interesting and stood out more when I toned it a high contrast sepia. She sleeps so funny too!


She is usually nice and content and then the kids have to come along and bug her.  They love her though.  I thought they would be not interested in her after a few days, but I have to tell them to let her take her naps every time.  They would play and tease her nonstop if I didn’t step in. 


The kids game with Sasha is to basically see if they can keep from being bitten.

IMG_4490  IMG_4491  IMG_4493 


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Building a Snowman with Daddy Today


I thought Steven could take the kids out today and build a snowman with them.  Personally, I am tired of the cold and was happy to watch from the inside.  I sent the dogs out with them too.


Sasha came back in pretty quick.  She isn’t real crazy about the snow.  I mean it did come up to Lincoln’s belly and it would hers too, but she didn’t sink in as deep.  So, she sat with me and watched from the inside as well.


We had her taken to the vet over the weekend, and apparently she was suffering from mal-nutrition. You can see that her bones weren’t getting enough calcium by the way they are bowing a bit in the pictures.  She had worms, so her body wasn’t getting any of the nutrients from the food.  I don’t think the people knew she was sick or even had the money for vet care.  We got her dewormed and on vitamins and a better pet food, so hopefully we caught it soon enough and she will be just fine.

IMG_4452   IMG_4458

The kids also did some sledding outside.  Ben likes to ride Daddy down the hill!

IMG_4466   IMG_4470

They posed for some final pictures with their snowman before coming in.  Apparently, Ben got pretty worn out.


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New Puppy


Sasha napping with Lincoln earlier today…


Well, about a week ago, right after our winter storm had lifted and the roads were clear I picked up a new puppy for us.  What possessed me to do this I am not sure.  A friend of mine had her sister on Facebook, and I was just in love with how cute and adorable she was, so I asked if she had any siblings.  That might have been my mistake.  Then my friend also gave me a number to call. So, then I couldn’t stop thinking about it for some reason.  I took Alexis out to pick out some accessories for the dog.  They were all pink of course, and then we drove to Warsaw to pick up our little bundle of puppy joy!


We fell in love with her the minute we saw her, and she was so friendly and eager for our attention, so how could we even resist?  The kids have been in love with her since.  Her name is Sasha “Batgirl” Deam.  Ben wanted a say on the name as well, but I didn’t just want to call her batgirl cause to me it sounded too close like “bad girl.”  So, Ben agreed that her middle name could be “Batgirl.”


She was a little under 8 lbs to start when we got her and we really don’t know a lot about her history, except that she was taken a bit too early from her mother and that her owners didn’t really seem to have the funds to care for her.  They actually got her and her sister from someone else, so they just had the two and were trying to get rid of them and my friend got the other one.


She is half boxer and half beagle,so she will be about a medium sized dog, guessing about 35 lbs at max.  She just has a good personality and loves Lincoln.  We think she will be a good companion for him.


Gina - That has got to be the most scrumptious pup on the planet! Oh so cute!

Didn’t you have a beagle growing up?

Lynelle - Thanks, and yeah I did have a beagle growing up!

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