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Alexis’ Good Character

Today was a special day because Steven and I received an email from Alexis’ kindergarten teacher this afternoon.  We were especially pleased to hear about  Alexis’ display of good character.  We know what a sweet and loving girl she is at home and to others.  It was especially nice to hear that she extends that side of herself outside the home, too!  We were pleasantly surprised that her teacher would take the time to send us an email about it.   Here is what her teacher had to say…


 I just have to tell you what an amazing friend Alexis is. She has taken “responsibility” of helping one of our special needs students. She will hold her hand to get her involved in activities and watches out for her. This student has formed a bond with Alexis that she has not formed with any other student.

 I am so impressed with Alexis’ maturity and character.
Thank you,

Miss Crickard

Steven and I could not have been prouder to have received this email about Alexis’ display of love and concern for others!  The amazing thing was that no one told her to do any of this. She saw a need and filled it, and has set the example for others.  We are glad that she extends the love of our Savior.  We are so proud of you, Alexis!

I thought this photo so depicts Alexis’ fun and loving personality.  She just makes you want to smile right along with her.

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