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Canvas Character Painting

Today I drew their favorite cartoon on these canvases for them to paint.  They were so excited!  They had each picked their scene.  Ben wanted something more simple and Alexis wanted complex and detailed of course.

It was challenging for them trying to paint carefully in the lines.  Alexis had a few tears shed because she was so frustrated.  I then told her that I could go back over the lines when she was finished.  She then calmed down and enjoyed her painting.

Their concentration was amazing!  Ben did surprisingly well and used different colors and the ones that are the right ones for his character.  I was surprised at Ben’s patience with this painting.

Ben was able to finish his today, but Alexis still had a little ways to go.  I will be taking pictures of the finished product tomorrow!  They love art projects with mom and I am so glad I can share my talent with them!

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