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Ben’s 1st Day of Preschool!

Ben has been waiting 3 weeks to go to preschool, since Alexis started Kindergarten.  He kept asking if we could go now about every half hour or more.  He even let me style his hair.  He was excited and wanted to look good!

I am not sure what all the pointing is about in these photos, but that’s what he wanted to do.

This year he will be going 3 days a week; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  He will be in the afternoon, and since he is in the older kids class, he will get to go on field trips this year.  He is very excited about the field trips!  

I love this boy’s beautiful blue eyes!

Ben is starting to break out of his shell, and little by little this year he hasn’t been as shy and avoiding kids or teachers.  He was even better with me leaving this year.  I miss him, but I have to admit it was nice to have that 2 hour break!  That and he has been driving me crazy, because he keeps saying he hates walking Alexis to school.  He was just ready to go this year and it couldn’t start soon enough it seemed!  I thought school started for Alexis too early in general though.

I helped Ben start to play with another little boy in his class and he seemed to feel right at ease pretty quick.

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