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Our Annual Easter Tree

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This tradition comes from my mom.  I don’t think she did it every time, but she started doing it on our little tree/bush out front of the house they live in now when we were older.  My mom was always anxious for spring!  I always enjoyed the Easter tree she decorated, also because it would flower right about the same time she hung them up.

IMG_5237   IMG_5239

This is our new tree we got last year.  I liked the shape of it better than the other tree we have in the front yard that is about to die, so this one got decorated this year.  The kids are starting to look forward to this tradition now too.  The only thing is that it makes it hard for them to wait for the actual Easter egg hunt.



This is fun and pretty, but what they are really thinking is “When do we get to look for colored eggs?!”

IMG_5251   IMG_5252

IMG_5258   IMG_5268

I try to balance it out a bit and adjust some of the colors and separate them out a bit.  Yes, Steven says I should just let it be cause the kids helped, but it’s hard for me.  After a couple minutes and a few adjustments  I decide it’s good enough and yeah it’s fine cause the kids did help.


There you have it our Easter Tree!  I think I enjoy it more than the Christmas Tree, perhaps because to me it means the end of winter!


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