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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Decorating Mini Cakes

This activity started out good.  I had baked each kid a little mini set of cakes to stack and frost just like I learned in class.  I keep forgetting they are just kids, so maybe stacking and frosting was a bit much to expect of them?  Anyways, they were very, very excited to decorate their […]

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Water Tubs on Hot Day

Well, I wanted to clean the inside of my car, so I needed to find something for the kids to do on this hot day that would keep them close.  It was the first real hot day of spring.  Before this it had been pretty cool weather. I was spraying out off the car mats, […]

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Roly Poly Bug

Ben has been into catching bugs lately.  One of his favorite is the the pill bug, sow bug, or our favorite name for it, the roly poly.  Looks like it has several names.  He likes to catch them and put them in a shoe box for the day and feed it grass and leaves.  It […]

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