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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Science Central Field Trip

I love how this preschool does a few field trips through the year, a few at the beginning in the fall and a few in the spring.  It’s always a fun time for me to join them and see their class mates and how they interact with them.  Ben’s preschool class doesn’t do field trips […]

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Preschool Spring Concert

Alexis put on a spring concert with her preschool!  She was so cute doing all the actions and singing.  She had been singing these songs for most of the month at home.  My favorite and hers is “Herman the Worm!”  You must ask her to sing it for you sometime!  She can’t resist an audience, […]

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Suzuki Pictures

I was taking some pictures for the Suzuki Benefit Concert coming up.  I used Alexis for some test shots before I began.  Her hair wasn’t the best, but I did end up liking the lighting results and the soft blur of the stained glass windows behind her.    I just love the stained glass in […]

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Monday Morning Painting

I wanted to get Ben doing some painting this time, so I concentrated on just getting pictures of him working on his picture.  Ben’s pictures was a father elephant and his son playing a fiver or lake of some sort spraying each other with water.  Ben loved painting it some more, just not enough to […]

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Sunday Evening Painting

I drew some fun pictures on a poster board for my kids to paint this afternoon.  They both asked for jungle type pictures.  Alexis wanted some monkeys in a jungle of trees and Ben wanted some elephants.  Ben was basically done painting by the time I got out my camera, flash, and umbrella set.  I […]

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