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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Back to the Zoo!

This was a great afternoon.  I couldn’t have asked for better!  The weather was great, the kids were happy, and the timing was good for our first trip back to the zoo.  And because of the cool weather, the animals were out and about instead of just lying around.  I think the only thing that […]

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Mini Orchestra

After the concert during one of Alexis violin practices, Ben decided he wanted to join in.  Since my violin was so big for him, we decided to make it a cello for him.  He loved that idea and remembered the group of boys who played the cellos at the concert.  I don’t think he has […]

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Alexis’ First Concert!

We were so excited to see Alexis perform at her first violin concert today.  She’s only been playing for a few months, but these guys do a performance fairly often.  They include the new and younger kids in every performance.  They play the pieces that they can, play the rhythm on an open string or […]

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Styling in our New Easter Outfits

We had our personal Easter a week later, just because we had such a big Easter egg hunt with the Deam’s.  Also since, last weekend was General Conference, we didn’t wear our Easter clothes till this Sunday.  Anyways, I wanted to get some pictures with how beautiful and handsome they were looking.  Ben insisted on […]

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Easter Party with the Martins

This weekend we had a small little Easter get together with my side of the family.  We decided to color eggs first.  We are a little past Easter for this, but thought the kids would still enjoy it.  My sister Tessa still loves the activities of Easter as well.  I mainly planned these things for […]

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