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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Puddles and Painted Toes

Earlier today Alexis asked to have her finger and toes painted again during Ben’s nap.  Her Aunt Kristina has hooked up with some really fabulous nail polish.  It is definitely the good stuff, goes on smooth with no brush strokes, the kind the professionals use.  I like it so much I have started painting my […]

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Alexis Soccer Game

So Alexis had her first soccer game over the weekend. We all went out and had a lot of fun watching her of course. She was a little bit worried out on the field, and didn’t quite get what was going on perhaps. I will be working with her on some soccer skills over the […]

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Soccer Girl

This morning was supposed to be Alexis’ first day of soccer.  She was so excited!  However, after about 15 minutes of waiting for our turn for practice on the field, it started to really poor with the rain.  So the coaches decided to call it for the day and would extend practice next week.  She […]

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What is called the Fohawk?

Well, I finally did it.  I had Ben’s haircut short.  I have been putting it off and wasn’t sure if I was ready for it to be really short.  But, I saw another little boy with this cut, on one of those photo blogs on Susie’s site and decided it would be really cute on […]

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Funny Comments from Alexis

  Alexis says a lot of funny (random)  things – I wanted to put a few up here today:   So on the way to church, Lynelle says to Alexis “You just look so cute in that dress today”  Alexis replies “yeah I know…        Birds and Fish BOTH eat worms!”   Then on the way […]

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