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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Take a picture Mom!

Alexis said, “I am holding Ben, Mom! Hurry, and take a picture!” Though it looks like Ben is trying to wriggle away. Alexis was very proud that she was holding Ben all on her very own. Ben has always been on the little bit too big side for her to hold all by herself, but […]

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Simply Beautiful…

 Alexis is all girl through and through. She loves getting her hair done and doing anything that makes her feel like a little princess. Today she reminded me that I hadn’t painted her nails in a long time. I said you are right Alexis, and I will paint them when I put Ben down for […]

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Birds, birds, birds…

Ben is just fascinated, extremely fascinated by birds at this point in his life. He spent a good portion of this morning watching the birds out our new windows, now that you can see so clearly out of them. Anyways, anytime we get out the house to get in car, or get out of the […]

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Music or Noise?

One of those mornings where I didn’t mind a little extra noise as long as it kept them happy. Yeah, when Ben joins in it happens to be more noise then music, but mainly he just loves to push the extra buttons at the top to change the sound of the electric piano. Alexis on […]

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You break it? We fix it!

My kids have been into Handy Manny lately, especially since a few of the home projects we have done. The kids want to help out and fix things too. Alexis used to tell me she could fix our furnace, when it was broken if she had some tools like Handy Manny. Ben got the Handy […]

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