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Monthly Archives: January 2009


Alexis and I went sledding this afternoon with Grandpa Martin. She just loves it! I think she is going to be the type that will go on rollercoasters and the other fun rides at Disney when she is tall enough. She went down the small hill all by herself. She loves her snow suit and […]

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Tea Party

One afternoon, while Ben was asleep for his nap, I decided it was time to show Alexis how to play with the tea set she got for Christmas. Silly kids, it seems they have all these toys, but don’t know how to play with them or something. Either that or my kids just prefer us […]

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Disney Shirts

Upon hearing that we were going to go to Disney World this fall, I decided to check out the Disney store online for some apparel. I like how we had matching shirts last time. So, I got Donald for the boys and Daisy for the girls. These were all $5 shirts, so it was a […]

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My Life Hurts!

Tonight was funny! Well, maybe not at first for Alexis. We were getting ready for bed, Steven and I were talking, and Alexis was going to the bathroom so we could put her pajamas on afterwards. Ben, on the other hand, was all ready for Bed and finally found a way to get to the […]

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Big Girl Bed

Alexis’ new bed came in a few days ago, and we finally got it set up and got a nice mattress for it.  Alexis was so excited to sleep in her new bed last night.  She loves that she can put things in the bookcase and loves that she can keep all her stuffed animals […]

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