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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Pumpkin, pumpkin… my little pumpkin

I have to say that this afternoon was loads of fun. I never knew cooking with a 3 year old could be so enjoyable and so productive at the same time! I haven’t cooked with Alexis except for maybe frosting cookies until today. We made pumpkin cranberry bread and pumpkin pie. It was pumpkin I […]

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Little Girl Christmas Party!

Alexis was invited to her first Christmas party this year from a little friend at church. She was so excited, and couldn’t wait from the time she got the invitation on Sunday. There were 4 little girls there total, including the little hostess herself. They played some holiday themed games, iced cookies and had a […]

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Playing Pretend

This afternoon during nap time, Alexis started playing pretend and it was the first real time that she included me in her pretend world. I decided to go with it and accept the invitation. Today she was the mommy and I was the little girl. I would call her mommy and she would always say […]

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Cotton Snowmen

I had been looking again for things for Alexis and I to do during Ben’s nap time. We have between 2 to 3 hours to kill each day. I let her usually watch one half hour show if she wants, but then I try to find something interactive, so we can have that one on […]

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