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Monthly Archives: November 2008

The Magic House

The next day we slept in as much as we could then decided to go with my younger cousins to what they call the Magic House in Saint Louis. I guess you could say it is similar to Science Central here in Fort Wayne, but cleaner and enormous in size and things to do in […]

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Alexis Preschool Thanksgiving

If you didn’t know Alexis has been attending preschool this year at the Y. She goes Tuesday and Thursday mornings for about 2.5 hours. She absolutely loves preschool. She wishes it was everyday. Her teacher says she is still a bit shy about participating, but does real well in all her painting and drawing crafts. […]

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Not Talking to you!

Quick little story — As we were giving the kids their nighttime snack, Alexis was drinking grape juice. We have obviously warned her about this frequently because she tells us that “this juice won’t come out of my pajamas if I spill it” I said — you’re right Alexis, so be careful. She looks at […]

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Ride-On Toy

Also this morning I caught Ben riding his little truck that is for just pushing around. It is really small, so it looks real awkward when he tries to ride it. Still, he is rather good at it and it’s a new favorite thing to do. Looks like he could use a fun ride-on toy […]

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