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Yearly Archives: 2008

Pumpkin, pumpkin… my little pumpkin

I have to say that this afternoon was loads of fun. I never knew cooking with a 3 year old could be so enjoyable and so productive at the same time! I haven’t cooked with Alexis except for maybe frosting cookies until today. We made pumpkin cranberry bread and pumpkin pie. It was pumpkin I […]

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Little Girl Christmas Party!

Alexis was invited to her first Christmas party this year from a little friend at church. She was so excited, and couldn’t wait from the time she got the invitation on Sunday. There were 4 little girls there total, including the little hostess herself. They played some holiday themed games, iced cookies and had a […]

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Playing Pretend

This afternoon during nap time, Alexis started playing pretend and it was the first real time that she included me in her pretend world. I decided to go with it and accept the invitation. Today she was the mommy and I was the little girl. I would call her mommy and she would always say […]

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Cotton Snowmen

I had been looking again for things for Alexis and I to do during Ben’s nap time. We have between 2 to 3 hours to kill each day. I let her usually watch one half hour show if she wants, but then I try to find something interactive, so we can have that one on […]

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The Magic House

The next day we slept in as much as we could then decided to go with my younger cousins to what they call the Magic House in Saint Louis. I guess you could say it is similar to Science Central here in Fort Wayne, but cleaner and enormous in size and things to do in […]

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