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Ben and His Cello

   Ben got his cello this fall and is starting cello lessons! He has been waiting for about over a year to get it! he was so excited!  He ran up to me the day it came in shouting at the top of his lungs, “My cello is here!  My cello is here, Mom!  He […]

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Suzuki Pictures

I was taking some pictures for the Suzuki Benefit Concert coming up.  I used Alexis for some test shots before I began.  Her hair wasn’t the best, but I did end up liking the lighting results and the soft blur of the stained glass windows behind her.    I just love the stained glass in […]

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Alexis First Violin Recital

Today was Alexis’ very first violin recital, where she plays a piece that she has polished all by herself!  We were all so excited to hear here.  The kids all sat on the bench in the order they were to play in.  Alexis was towards the beginning.  She didn’t seem nervous at all.  I love […]

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Twin Snow Whites

Today was the Harvest Play-in for Suzuki.  The kids were to dress up and play songs all together as a group.  Alexis likes being able to play along with what she knows with the big kids.  In between they would play games and tell part of a story before playing each song that went along […]

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Violin Practice

Alexis had her fairy wings on before we practiced her violin this morning.  I thought she looked so pretty with them on that I should definitely get a picture.  I then told her to be my beautiful violin fairy and play as pretty as she could.  She liked that idea. Alexis is still really enjoying […]

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