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Building a Snowman with Daddy Today

I thought Steven could take the kids out today and build a snowman with them.  Personally, I am tired of the cold and was happy to watch from the inside.  I sent the dogs out with them too. Sasha came back in pretty quick.  She isn’t real crazy about the snow.  I mean it did […]

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Winter Fun with the Neighbors

This was a good fun evening with our next door neighbors.  The kids just love playing with their little friend, Haven.  Also, our favorite thing is to sled down our little hill in our backyard in the wintertime.  Ben decided he likes trying out Haven’s inner tube, but decided it would be better if Steven […]

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First Sledding Day of the Season!

    It was great weather!  Maybe not the most snow, but I went down a few times with the kids’ sleds and made a nice smooth path for them.  I totally got some snow gear for myself this year too, so I could stay out there with them.  My sworn enemy is the cold!  So […]

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New Year’s Sledding!

This is how we celebrated New Year’s Day!  We went sledding with the Ballard’s and then spent the weekend with them.  When we got to the sledding hill the kids first found a big snow mountain to climb, so you can see even Ben was excited and attempted to climb it as well.  He didn’t […]

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Fresh Powder

    It was right before church, and I wanted to get a couple photos in their Sunday Christmas clothes that I got for them this year.  I couldn’t get Ben to cooperate as usual lately.  He’s just been really tired.  Then I saw how it was so pretty with the sun and the fog outside, […]

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