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Roly Poly Bug

Ben has been into catching bugs lately.  One of his favorite is the the pill bug, sow bug, or our favorite name for it, the roly poly.  Looks like it has several names.  He likes to catch them and put them in a shoe box for the day and feed it grass and leaves.  It […]

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Sympathetic Dog or Couch Dog?

Alexis ended up having a pretty bad ear infection Sunday.  She was in a lot of pain so I took her to ReadiMed, while Steven and Ben went to church.  We got home and she was just exhausted.  I gave her the antibiotics and ear drops and then she fell asleep on the couch.  I […]

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Just Chewin

   A lot about the dogs lately I guess, but hey Sasha is new.  She loves trying to fight over rawhides with Lincoln! I love how good they have been together so far!

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Petsmart Ad

Sasha was just lying on her toy we got for her sleeping in the sun.  I thought it would make a great ad! 

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Loving their Puppy

The kids are still loving Sasha and wanted to pose today with her on the couch.  She basically only holds still while she is asleep.

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