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Water Tubs on Hot Day

Well, I wanted to clean the inside of my car, so I needed to find something for the kids to do on this hot day that would keep them close.  It was the first real hot day of spring.  Before this it had been pretty cool weather. I was spraying out off the car mats, […]

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Very Muddy

Today’s walk was much nicer! The weather was at least warm and we didn’t have to wear our coats and mittens. It’s funny how it can change so fast in the Spring from cold to warm and then back again. It drives me crazy to tell you the truth though. I didn’t bring my camera […]

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Rain Gear in the Sun

   I have been walking the dogs more often, since we got Sasha.  It keeps her more manageable and less restless.  Lincoln has been enjoying it too though, so maybe it was good we got a puppy.  The kids, however are harder to convince to go on walk with me and the dogs.  A lot […]

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Building a Snowman with Daddy Today

I thought Steven could take the kids out today and build a snowman with them.  Personally, I am tired of the cold and was happy to watch from the inside.  I sent the dogs out with them too. Sasha came back in pretty quick.  She isn’t real crazy about the snow.  I mean it did […]

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