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Canvas Character Painting

Today I drew their favorite cartoon on these canvases for them to paint.  They were so excited!  They had each picked their scene.  Ben wanted something more simple and Alexis wanted complex and detailed of course. It was challenging for them trying to paint carefully in the lines.  Alexis had a few tears shed because […]

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Decorating Mini Cakes

This activity started out good.  I had baked each kid a little mini set of cakes to stack and frost just like I learned in class.  I keep forgetting they are just kids, so maybe stacking and frosting was a bit much to expect of them?  Anyways, they were very, very excited to decorate their […]

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Monday Morning Painting

I wanted to get Ben doing some painting this time, so I concentrated on just getting pictures of him working on his picture.  Ben’s pictures was a father elephant and his son playing a fiver or lake of some sort spraying each other with water.  Ben loved painting it some more, just not enough to […]

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Sunday Evening Painting

I drew some fun pictures on a poster board for my kids to paint this afternoon.  They both asked for jungle type pictures.  Alexis wanted some monkeys in a jungle of trees and Ben wanted some elephants.  Ben was basically done painting by the time I got out my camera, flash, and umbrella set.  I […]

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Just Coloring Today

Ben has just been wearing these glasses from Alexis’ doctor kit that she got for Christmas as of late. Today they made some shapes tracing with my old scrapbooking photo templates and had fun coloring them in. These markers are fun because they color one color and then when you use the other side they […]

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