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Winter Fun with the Neighbors

This was a good fun evening with our next door neighbors.  The kids just love playing with their little friend, Haven.  Also, our favorite thing is to sled down our little hill in our backyard in the wintertime.  Ben decided he likes trying out Haven’s inner tube, but decided it would be better if Steven […]

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Alexis’ Princess Party

  We had a great afternoon planned for Alexis.  She has been waiting so long for her birthday!  Her dad came up with the idea of making princess dresses.  He is so creative!  He was a good sport about tracing and cutting them all out in preparation for her party.  He purchased the tissue paper, […]

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Ice Blocking II

  We came out to ice block tonight.  This time we invited the neighbors.  It was extremely hot out, and we had been going for a little while, so we are taking a break.  That’s when I decided to grab my camera for a few shots.  It was nice to relax in the shade. These […]

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Pouring Rain and a Friend

I ran and got my umbrella for this shot and stood under it with my camera while Alexis sat in the pouting rain.  She just loves the rain!  She doesn’t care how wet she gets or how much it might really start to rain.  I guess as long as it’s warm out, bring on the […]

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