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Canvas Character Painting

Today I drew their favorite cartoon on these canvases for them to paint.  They were so excited!  They had each picked their scene.  Ben wanted something more simple and Alexis wanted complex and detailed of course. It was challenging for them trying to paint carefully in the lines.  Alexis had a few tears shed because […]

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Alexis 1st Day of Kindergarten!

Alexis was up and ready to go at 7am this morning, dressed and ready with her backpack on her back.  When she came downstairs this way to wake us up, the thought occurred to me that maybe I should have put her in morning kindergarten.  I let her pick out a few outfits all on […]

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Decorating Mini Cakes

This activity started out good.  I had baked each kid a little mini set of cakes to stack and frost just like I learned in class.  I keep forgetting they are just kids, so maybe stacking and frosting was a bit much to expect of them?  Anyways, they were very, very excited to decorate their […]

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More Fun with Light

These past couple Mondays I have been taking pictures of Suzuki kids. Afterwards, I have just been having some fun with the kids. Need to figure out a little better position for two kids or maybe I can convince Steven I need a fill light…

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Just Some Fun With Light

After doing a few shots for Suzuki, I thought I would play around with the light and use Benjamin.  Alexis was still finishing up her music theory.  Ben was a good sport.  I got to position it in a few different angles, and try a few different brightness’s by adjusting my camera settings.    In […]

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