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  I thought the kids looked to cute today all ready to go the zoo with Grandma and Grandpa today.  They were so excited they and ready that they wanted to wait in the garage in their car seats till their grandparents came to pick them up.   They have their drinks, sunglasses, and little doodle […]

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Planting Season

This was the day to see Grandpa’s tractor till up the ground and then help Grandma start to plant her garden.  So, I dressed the kids appropriately.   Ben couldn’t have been more thrilled about the John Deere tractor.  Grandpa took the kids around on the tractor, while we got things ready to plant, and let […]

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Botanical Christmas

The day after Christmas I dragged my family out to the Fort Wayne Botanical Gardens.  After all it was something nice to do and it was only $1 per person for the day.  They had some Christmas lights and miniature sets of the some of the building in Fort Wayne setup.  They had a Christmas […]

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Good Friends!

These beautiful photos are taken by my talented Father-in-law.  He and my mother-in-law, Linda, watched the kids for us this weekend, while Steven and I went to the temple.  They were supposed to go with us, but Linda wasn’t feeling well.  They offered to stay home and watch the kids so Steven and I could […]

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Puddles and Painted Toes

Earlier today Alexis asked to have her finger and toes painted again during Ben’s nap.  Her Aunt Kristina has hooked up with some really fabulous nail polish.  It is definitely the good stuff, goes on smooth with no brush strokes, the kind the professionals use.  I like it so much I have started painting my […]

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