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Ben and His Cello

   Ben got his cello this fall and is starting cello lessons! He has been waiting for about over a year to get it! he was so excited!  He ran up to me the day it came in shouting at the top of his lungs, “My cello is here!  My cello is here, Mom!  He […]

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Recording with Daddy

Steven got some new recording equipment lately…    a new microphone, headphones, and some software.  He thought Alexis might have fun recording her songs that she can play on the violin. She absolutely loved recording songs.  She especially loved being able to sing a song for Daddy to record! She looks so confident and natural at […]

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Alexis First Violin Recital

Today was Alexis’ very first violin recital, where she plays a piece that she has polished all by herself!  We were all so excited to hear here.  The kids all sat on the bench in the order they were to play in.  Alexis was towards the beginning.  She didn’t seem nervous at all.  I love […]

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German Fest

Alexis got to play at German fest this morning.  She was one of the only beginners there this time.  I think the rest were on vacation, so she was the only holding her violin, when the harder songs were being played.  There were some other beginner level players, but Alexis is one of the newest […]

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Mini Orchestra

After the concert during one of Alexis violin practices, Ben decided he wanted to join in.  Since my violin was so big for him, we decided to make it a cello for him.  He loved that idea and remembered the group of boys who played the cellos at the concert.  I don’t think he has […]

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