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Photo Fun at Foster Park

Today we went to play at Foster Park with some friends at church.  After they all left I wanted to go explore the flower garden part of the park, that is usually filled with Tulips galore in the spring.  Sadly, the tulips happened to be pretty much gone, but we still had a fun time […]

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French Braids

This is the very first time I have ever French braided Alexis’ hair, well in where I used all her hair.  I had been practicing a few times just doing her bangs, like my sister had done, to keep her hair out of her eyes.  I am so proud of myself, and why shouldn’t I […]

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So Spiky It Is!

This is Ben’s second professional haircut at the salon, where he sat all by himself.  I didn’t have my camera for the first one, because I expected it to be awhile longer before he would sit on his own for one.  Alexis got hers the last time, and as he watched he getting it done […]

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What is called the Fohawk?

Well, I finally did it.  I had Ben’s haircut short.  I have been putting it off and wasn’t sure if I was ready for it to be really short.  But, I saw another little boy with this cut, on one of those photo blogs on Susie’s site and decided it would be really cute on […]

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The kids got their haircuts today. Aunt Kristina cuts their hair, and they get a lollipop every time, so it’s always a fun outing for them. Ben has to have his lollipop during the haircut, which means things get rather sticky and hairy…yuck! It’s the only way we can get him to hold still long […]

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