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Pioneer Day

I told Alexis it was Pioneer Day, so she wanted to wear the bonnet she got from Shipshewana to church today.  I thought it was very fitting!  So we got some snapshots before we left for church, because she was looking so cute!  I thought the pattern on her dress worked well as does the […]

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Just Playing Pretend!

Pretend is one thing I have to say that the kids love to do also lately, besides their trio blocks.  We got a few boxes in the basement filled with some costumes and accessories for them to act out their adventures.  Ben is usually some kind of prince or good guy hero character.  Alexis is […]

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Super Heroes on Motorcycles

The kids got some fun costumes for Christmas this year and among those were a few super hero outfits.  They just love to dress up!  They also got these bikes from Grandma and Grandpa Deam, which teach them how to ride a two wheeler.  Anyways, to them these little bikes are their motorcycles!  They were […]

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Indoor Bike Riders

So far these bikes have been a winter life saver for extreme cold weather.  Of course the kids like to put on their snow things and pretend that they are riding their motorcycles outside in a snow storm.  But, as the advertisement promises, your kids will learn to balance in about two weeks.  It is […]

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Mini Orchestra

After the concert during one of Alexis violin practices, Ben decided he wanted to join in.  Since my violin was so big for him, we decided to make it a cello for him.  He loved that idea and remembered the group of boys who played the cellos at the concert.  I don’t think he has […]

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