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Halloween Party

We are off to a the church Halloween party tonight, and even though it’s not Halloween I couldn’t pass up getting the kids’ pictures.  They just looked too good not to.  Besides I will be lucky to get shots while they are trick or treating.  They hate to be delayed in getting their candy! Ben […]

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Pioneer Day

I told Alexis it was Pioneer Day, so she wanted to wear the bonnet she got from Shipshewana to church today.  I thought it was very fitting!  So we got some snapshots before we left for church, because she was looking so cute!  I thought the pattern on her dress worked well as does the […]

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Annual Deam Easter Hunt

   Heh! The golf cart died already, before the kids could even get a full ride today. The kids were having fun playing with their pin wheels they found along Grandpa & Grandma’s driveway.  I thought it was really cute to see them all hold them up together.  Rachel saw everyone, and thought she should […]

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Our Annual Easter Tree

   This tradition comes from my mom.  I don’t think she did it every time, but she started doing it on our little tree/bush out front of the house they live in now when we were older.  My mom was always anxious for spring!  I always enjoyed the Easter tree she decorated, also because it […]

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Finished V-Day Cards

We did these this morning right before Alexis’ afternoon preschool class.  The kids were actually able to stuff them themselves.  I cut the slits for them with an xacto knife then passed the cards along to them to put lollipops in.  The kids said had fun handing out valentines with pictures of themselves!  They were […]

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