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Very Muddy

Today’s walk was much nicer! The weather was at least warm and we didn’t have to wear our coats and mittens. It’s funny how it can change so fast in the Spring from cold to warm and then back again. It drives me crazy to tell you the truth though. I didn’t bring my camera […]

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Funny Ben

Alexis got these glasses in her doctor kit for Christmas, but Ben has been wearing them around just about everyday for the past week or so.  He just loves them for some reason.  Maybe he feels smart in them or something?  I just thought it looked like a fun picture of him laying on the […]

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Just Coloring Today

Ben has just been wearing these glasses from Alexis’ doctor kit that she got for Christmas as of late. Today they made some shapes tracing with my old scrapbooking photo templates and had fun coloring them in. These markers are fun because they color one color and then when you use the other side they […]

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A Murder Mystery Dinner

This Monday evening was fun and exciting!  It was a night just for the adults hosted by Steven and I.  Steven’s parents had purchased us a Murder Mystery Dinner game and we decided to try it out with everyone.  It was so much fun.  Everyone did their best to dress up and play their part […]

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    This is my Benjamin!  I decided to try some fresh pomegranates today.  My little Ben wanted in on the action.  I didn’t think he would even want to try these! I think he just had fun trying to get them out of their shell.  I was having trouble as well, and we were making […]

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