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Alexis’ Good Character

Today was a special day because Steven and I received an email from Alexis’ kindergarten teacher this afternoon.  We were especially pleased to hear about  Alexis’ display of good character.  We know what a sweet and loving girl she is at home and to others.  It was especially nice to hear that she extends that side of herself outside the home, too!  We were pleasantly surprised that her teacher would take the time to send us an email about it.   Here is what her teacher had to say…


 I just have to tell you what an amazing friend Alexis is. She has taken “responsibility” of helping one of our special needs students. She will hold her hand to get her involved in activities and watches out for her. This student has formed a bond with Alexis that she has not formed with any other student.

 I am so impressed with Alexis’ maturity and character.
Thank you,

Miss Crickard

Steven and I could not have been prouder to have received this email about Alexis’ display of love and concern for others!  The amazing thing was that no one told her to do any of this. She saw a need and filled it, and has set the example for others.  We are glad that she extends the love of our Savior.  We are so proud of you, Alexis!

I thought this photo so depicts Alexis’ fun and loving personality.  She just makes you want to smile right along with her.

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A New Cousin!

We raced back from a Chicago Temple trip to see a new cousin!  We all were so excited to see him!  The kids haven’t really held a baby or seen one since their cousin, Rachel!  They were so interested in holding him and it was a fight over how many turns they were going to get!

This is Kristina’s first baby!  He is a boy and his name is Weston David Hagan.  He came at 2:50am last night on the 12th of November.  It was a long labor, since the contractions had started at 2am the night before that!  He has been so sweet so far and has hardly cried since we have seen him.Ben is still getting over a cough, so we had him wear a mask.  He was so good at making sure he coughed in his mask or had it on when he was holding his new cousin.  Alexis was just grinning the whole time and couldn’t get enough of little Weston.

I too had the same cough that Ben has and we have had it for weeks it seems, so I got to wear a lovely mask too!

He is such a cute little guy!  So far he reminds me of his mom!  

Uncle Justin was teasing Alexis about needing to be rocked too!

Here are the proud parents!

I was amazed at how well he was able to focus his eyes for a few seconds here and there.

 Congratulations to Justin and Kristina and welcome to the family, Weston!

Shelley - Lynelle Thank you for this post. Everyone looks so happy especially Justin and Kristina. What a beautiful blessing to come to all of your family. He is adorable. He Looks like a very special little boy. Congratulations to Justin and Kristina. I have to say he does look like his momma. Oh How I wish I were closer so I could hold that little one

Lynelle - Thanks, We are very happy to have him and to meet him. You could always visit sometime too! 😉

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Halloween Party

We are off to a the church Halloween party tonight, and even though it’s not Halloween I couldn’t pass up getting the kids’ pictures.  They just looked too good not to.  Besides I will be lucky to get shots while they are trick or treating.  They hate to be delayed in getting their candy!

Ben had the great Batman pose for me.  He really knows how to play his part!

I used Alexis’ yarn hair from her Rapunzel birthday party and found a good way to attach it so it could look like it was part of her hair.  She loved it!

Ben thought Batman should have scars on his face, mainly because I did makeup on Alexis and put glitter on her face.  He wanted makeup for Halloween too.  I also made it darker around his eyes to look more mysterious.

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Canvas Character Painting

Today I drew their favorite cartoon on these canvases for them to paint.  They were so excited!  They had each picked their scene.  Ben wanted something more simple and Alexis wanted complex and detailed of course.

It was challenging for them trying to paint carefully in the lines.  Alexis had a few tears shed because she was so frustrated.  I then told her that I could go back over the lines when she was finished.  She then calmed down and enjoyed her painting.

Their concentration was amazing!  Ben did surprisingly well and used different colors and the ones that are the right ones for his character.  I was surprised at Ben’s patience with this painting.

Ben was able to finish his today, but Alexis still had a little ways to go.  I will be taking pictures of the finished product tomorrow!  They love art projects with mom and I am so glad I can share my talent with them!

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Ben’s 1st Day of Preschool!

Ben has been waiting 3 weeks to go to preschool, since Alexis started Kindergarten.  He kept asking if we could go now about every half hour or more.  He even let me style his hair.  He was excited and wanted to look good!

I am not sure what all the pointing is about in these photos, but that’s what he wanted to do.

This year he will be going 3 days a week; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  He will be in the afternoon, and since he is in the older kids class, he will get to go on field trips this year.  He is very excited about the field trips!  

I love this boy’s beautiful blue eyes!

Ben is starting to break out of his shell, and little by little this year he hasn’t been as shy and avoiding kids or teachers.  He was even better with me leaving this year.  I miss him, but I have to admit it was nice to have that 2 hour break!  That and he has been driving me crazy, because he keeps saying he hates walking Alexis to school.  He was just ready to go this year and it couldn’t start soon enough it seemed!  I thought school started for Alexis too early in general though.

I helped Ben start to play with another little boy in his class and he seemed to feel right at ease pretty quick.

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